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Athletic Gaines Partner Rates

Athletic Gaines Training Program

These training programs offer more than just drill; they provide a platform for you to master new skills and apply them in competitive, game-like scenarios alongside other driven players.  This is your opportunity to take your game to the next level! 

Here is what you can expect from these transformative group trainings: 

  • Intensive skill development sessions
  • Competitive game play
  • Expert coaching tailored to your individual needs
  • Supportive environment among like-minded athletes

Sign Up: Summer Basketball Training Program in Edina, MN | Athletic Gaines (

And the best part?

You can secure a three-month membership (March, April, May) for as little as $89 per month!

Choose from either 4 group training sessions per month for $89 or 8 group training sessions per month for only $129. But act fast, this deal won't be around for long! 

ETS Training

ETS Training Program

We have a variety of speed and strength membership options, and all Laker athletes will receive a 10% monthly discount on whichever membership they were to pick for their athlete(s). If you have any questions on if ETS Performance is the right place for your athlete, or have any other questions regarding the athlete evaluation process or our memberships, please feel free to reach out to me via email or phone. 


Phone: 952-522-7444

About ETS 

For those of you who are not aware of what ETS Performance is, ETS Performance is a locally based company, that provides strength, speed, mobility, and injury mitigation training for athletes anywhere from 8 to the professional level. We train all athletes within our 3,500 square foot training facility in Edina, and all sessions are coached and lead by our qualified ETS Performance coaching staff. Attached you will find an interactive PDF, which will explain in more detail who ETS Performance is, and what we have to offer.

We start all new athletes off with a free, athlete evaluation. With the athlete evaluation, the families are able to come and tour our facility; we then also take each athlete through a warm-up, a series of strength and speed baseline tests, as well as a brief mobility screening. Following the time we spend working with the athlete, we will sit down with the parent(s) and athlete, to go over everything we did with the athlete, we explain in detail how ETS works, and then we give each athlete a training recommendation based off of their evaluation. From there, athletes can begin their strength or speed training. If you are interested in bringing in your son or daughter for an eval, I will attach our athlete evaluation link below. All you will need to do is scroll down on the link, click on "Central - Edina" and pick a day and time to register your athlete. 

More Training Resources

The Lakers do not endorse any particular trainer. This list is for informational purposes only.

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