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Shot Club


2022 Shot Club Leaderboard

Players should update their online tracker at least weekly (see link or document in right column) in order to have their shot totals appear on the 2022 Shot Club Leaderboard.

NOTE:  The leaderboard is updated approximately twice per week.

Program Overview

The Mpls Lakers Summer Shot Club is an opportunity to improve your shooting skills over the summer giving you goals you can achieve.  Former and future Mpls Lakers players who will be in grades 4th through 8th beginning in the fall of 2022 are eligible to participate.  The program starts on June 27th and concludes on September 2nd. 


The purpose of the club is to inspire continuous improvement and work toward a meaningful goal.  Although the greatest reward in participating in this program is individual improvement, the Mpls Lakers will be announcing in June some awards for players who reach each of the four different levels in the program.  The Mpls Lakers also intend for each player achieving the one of the four commitment levels to be recognized at a local High School game in the 2022-23 season.


  • Summer Shooter.  A player who records shot attempts each week of the club period (June 14th to August 29th) will be named a Mpls Laker Summer Shooter.

  • 50x50.  A player who records 50 shot attempts on at least 50 days in the club period

  • 5k.  A player who records >5,000 shot attempts during the club period

  • 10k.  A player who records >10,000 shot attempts during the club period

Tips & Guidelines

Guidelines and how to approach reaching the goal:

  • Form shooting and layups should be part of the players’ program
  • Players participating in a basketball camp can record 150 shots per day of the camp
  • Players participating in a pick-up game can record 20 shots per game
  • 120 shot attempts per day should be the goal for players aiming to achieve 10k shot attempts and can participate each day in the club period
  • Workout options include using the Interior Shooting Drills and the Perimeter Shooting Drills in the Mpls Lakers Player Off Season Guide

Other options include a routine such as this (250 shots):

  • 20 Mikan Layups (10 each hand)
  • 20 Form shooting shots (in slow motion) from front of rim
  • 10 Free Throws
  • 10 Shots off the Dribble
    • Rip through, 2 dribbles to the right
  • 10 shots off the Dribble
    • Rip through, 2 dribbles to the left
  • 10 Free Throws
  • 20 Drop Step w/power dribble (10 each block/hand)
  • 30 shots off the catch
    • Spin ball to yourself
  • 20 layups (10 each hand)
    • Start at right Elbow, dribble to right hand layup, rebound and dribble to left Elbow, dribble to left hand layup. Repeat
  • 10 Free Throws
  • 10 shots from right baseline
  • 10 shots from left baseline
  • 10 shots from Elbow (5 from right, 5 from left)
  • 10 Free Throws
  • 10 shots from wing (15 ft)
  • 20 outside shots within range but near the limit of the player’s range (move around the arc within range )
  • 10 Free Throws (End on a Make!)

A Focus on Quality Repetitions

Basketball and improving individual skills and confidence should be fun!

Basketball is a game and so players (not parents) are encouraged to take ownership of their goals and find a level of focus and commitment that fits them over the summer. Mindless repetition for the sake of reaching a statistical feat will not improve shooting and could be harmful to achieving progress. Good habits and mindful practice develop muscle memory that is productive.

Each player should define their level of commitment to good repetitions that put them on a path of progress.


When should I start shooting?

Now!  Record your shots daily on a piece of paper then update the online tracking sheet at least weekly.

Who is eligible?

All future and former Lakers and any player in the community who would like to participate this summer.  Invite your friends by sending the link to the Shot Club page!

How do I register?

To join the program you can register here. If you are new to the Mpls Lakers program you'll be asked to create a Sports Engine account.

How do I record my shots?

Once you register for the 2021 Shot Club, you will be emailed a link to an online Google Sheet for your player.  Print a hard copy for your player to use to record shots daily, then update the online tracking sheet weekly.  

What if I don't update my online tracking sheet one week?  

No problem!  Keep recording your shots on paper and update the online sheet as soon as you can.  Try not to go more than two weeks without updating online so your player's shots will be listed on the "leaderboard".

What is in it for me, the player?

First, this program is all about encouraging a love of the game, respect for hard work, and the value of setting goals.  Practicing good shooting motion will develop muscle memory that will help you be a much more consistent and confident shooter.   We will also will have some small awards for players that reach different tiers of commitment over the summer. The top tier of recognition is 10,000 shot attempts over the summer period.

What’s the best way to get up shots during the summer?

We have several recommendations for workouts that will aid you in getting up the shots you want.  You can find them on the shot club home page under tips and guidelines.  We also have a summer offseason guide that provides ideas for you to consider as you conduct your shooting workouts.    


Should I track my made shots too?

This program is about shot attempts and the process of getting up good repetitions.  You can also track your makes daily on our form but that is not required. When the basketball goes in the hoop, that result provides us immediate feedback.  However, that feedback can be flawed; poor shot technique can also result in a made basket. The emphasis in our summer shot club program is on good, successful practice repetitions.  Each week when you record your shots on the website, you are recording your shot attempts.

Mpls Lakers Youth Traveling Basketball Program Inc Shot Club participants get recognized at Washburn High School

2019 Shot Club members


Brian Carlson

Brian Carlson

Player Development & Resource Coordinator


To join the program you can register here. If you are new to the Mpls Lakers program you'll be asked to create a Sports Engine account.

The Registration "Shot Club" is not currently available.

2022 Shot Club Tracking Sheets

If you are registered for the 2022 Shot Club and have not received an emailed link to your personalized online tracking sheet, please let us know via email (


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