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Chance Veasey about 5 years ago

To MPLS Lakers Summer Shot Club registrants -

Thanks for joining our first ever Summer Shot Club! We will be sharing some shooting tips periodically with program registrants to give you some things to think about and work on as you focus on getting quality repetitions. As we get shots up, we are focused on building muscle memory for a proper technique that fits us as a player.

For me, the shot begins with hand placement on the ball. Getting our shooting hand centered on the ball needs to be an intentional act. Centered on the ball can mean different things for different players.

First, let’s agree that the center of the ball is marked by the inflation valve. This valve (where you insert the needle to inflate the basketball) is the indisputable center of the basketball. Now, how do you find the middle of your hand? For a long time, I thought the middle of my hand was my middle finger. But for most players, the middle finger is not the middle of the hand. Actually, the

Chance Veasey about 5 years ago

Looking forward to announcing Shot Club!