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What all parents should know

What are the Minneapolis Lakers?
The Minneapolis Lakers are a Youth Traveling Basketball Program for Girls and Boys that live in and/or go to school in Minneapolis.


What rules govern what level my child can play at?
Basketball requires that children compete within their own grade level (or higher).


How much does it cost to participate?
Our 2017-18 participation fee is $450 for our Winter Traveling Season. This includes the uniform. For more details see our Fees page.


How long is the season?
Our program is approximately 20 weeks long, beginning at the end of October with practices and ending in March with the state tournament.  The season ends the first weekend in March for Girls and the 2nd weekend in March for Boys.


How many games will be played in a typical season?
Teams will play approximately 25 games over 7 tournaments plus the State Tournament.  Some have played as many as 35 games during a winter season depending on number of tournaments played and success of the team.  


How often do teams practice?
Teams will practice twice a week, in or around the Minneapolis area.  Practices are 90 minutes long. 


When are tournaments played?
Tournaments will always be on the weekends.


Where are the tournaments played?
The tournaments are played all over the metro area and surrounding suburbs.


Are practices required or can we just play in games and tournaments?
Commitment is critical to player development and team success. Practices are mandatory for players that are selected to play on one of our teams. While we realize kids often commit to multiple sports, however our coaches do expect and require that they attend all practices, as that is where all of the skill development and play introduction is made.  We realize that school, church and Illness can factor in, and we do make adjustments for these absences. 


What apparel is required?
The Uniform is the only REQUIRED apparel item.


Is any other apparel recommended?
The Shooter Shirt is recommended, as is a good pair of basketball shoes.


Do you have Lakers branded apparel for players and fans?
Yes! We have a variety of spirit wear options.  St. Mane’s Sporting Goods in Minneapolis stocks our program apparel.


Are the kids able to play another sport concurrent with the MPLS Lakers?

Yes, but it requires some management on your part. Juggling multiple sports can be exhausting to you and your player. We also expect multi-sport players to still provide the highest level of commitment to their Mpls Lakers team, even if basketball isn't their #1 sport. Our season is VERY short (3-4 mo.) compared to other sports, so we expect families will focus on basketball during the basketball season. 


Keep in mind, player attendance and participation at all practices and games is expected, and critical to the development of the individual player and the team.


Are the kids allowed to play for their high school team/middle school team concurrent with the MPLS Lakers? 

Mpls Lakers does not have a policy regarding participation on other school teams. However, some of the schools DO have policies regarding a players ability or inability to participate on two teams.  If you are considering playing on your school team, PLEASE consult with your school athletic director and/or basketball coach.  

Some Mpls Lakers Coaches DO prefer to have players commit to play on only one team, so that they can limit the likely hood of unnecessary absences or injuries. Ask your coach. 

All Parent(s)/Guardian(s) MUST sign the following:

Please review carefully, sign and make sure your coach has a signed copy.  If you should have any questions, please reach out to your Coach and/or any member of the board.  

All Players must review & sign the following:

All players MUST review the following Code of Conduct, sign and turn in to your coach.  If you should have any questions or do not understand the code of conduct, please let your coach know before submitting the form.  

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