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BINGO - MAY 2020

The Mpls Lakers invite you to get out and play some basketball this May!

While observing local physical isolation orders, you can start to build great habits now to improve your basketball skills by filling EVERY square of this BINGO card.  This BINGO card is intended to provide you some structure, inspire you to get out and play, help you navigate our Off-Season Player Guide, and provide you ideas for areas to improve your game between now and next season.

Get involved!  Challenge your teammates!  Get your squad going and let’s get 1% better everyday while having some fun!



• Must complete the entire board in MAY
• May not start before MAY 1
• May not complete more than 2 activities in one day
• If in doubt about the intent, use your judgment while taking the harder path


1. All shooting challenges are listed as the number of made shots

2. The Daily Ten are Stationary Ball Handling drills on page 6 of the Off-Season Player Guide or below

3. Each sprint is the length of a Mpls City Block with a 30 second rest in between

4. Use all 10 spots detailed in the Perimeter Shooting Chart on page 9 of the Off-Season Player Guide or below

5. Shooting Games are outlined on page 10 of the Off-Season Player Guide or below

6. Play a family member and win at HORSE

7. Use all 6 spots detailed in the Interior Shooting Chart on page 8 of the Off-Season Player Guide or below

8. Do all four Advanced Ball Handling Drills on page 7 of the Off-Season Player Guide or below

9. Does not have to be consecutive 10 minutes (5 x 2 minutes). If jump rope is not available, do Line Hops (video link on page 12 of the Off-Season Player Guide or below)

10. Go shoot on a basket for 20 minutes that you have not shot at in 2020 while maintaining appropriate social distancing and abiding by park rules (e.g., bike to a city park and shoot with family)

11. Super Shuttles are outlined on page of the Off-Season Player Guide or below




10 reps of each of the 10 ball handling drills

1. Ball Slaps
2. 360 waist
3. 360 ankles
4. Low Dribbles (Left & Right)
5. Pound Dribbles (Left & Right)
6. Around each leg, one hand (Left & Right)
7. Figure Eight
8. Crossovers
9. Windshield Wipers (Left & Right)
10. Through the legs and cross over (Left & Right)


A.  Positions 1-10 are basic jump shooting spots.      Spots 2 and 6 are bank shots.

B.  10 shots should be taken from each position having a partner pass the ball.  If no partner, use a self pass

C.  Record a daily score out of 100 total shots.

D.  Set of 50 free throws should be shot and recorded daily in addition to the 100 shots.

Perimeter Shooting diagram for Mpls Lakers Off-Season Player Workout Guide

Perimeter Shooting Positions


High Five  
This is a game that is played from the free throw line and a shooter can work on his form along with a consistent routine.  The shooter gets five shots from the foul line and a perfect score is 25.
1.  A swish that rolls back to the shooter = 5 pts.
2.  A swish that rolls away from shooter = 4 pts.
3.  A made shot that hits only one rim is = 3 pts.
4.  A made shot that hits two rims is = 2 pts.
5.  A made shot that hits the backboard = 1 pt.
6.  A missed shot = 0 pts.

Hot Spot
This is a fun game that has five basic shooting spots on the floor.  They are both low post or block positions.  Both elbows, to the left and the right of the free throw line, and the top of the key.  Shooter has 1 minute to shoot at any spot while keeping track of their points.
1.  Low Post/Block/Layup = 1 point.
2.  Right or Left Elbow = 2 points.
3.  Top of the Key = 3 points.
4.  Player is timed for 1 minute & can shoot any shot they want at any time for a score

Beat Michael Jordan  
Test your jump shot on the move against an imaginary Michael Jordan.  Played to ten & requires a rebounder who passes the ball to the shooter who must move around to catch & shoot. For every made shot the shooter gets 1 point.  For every miss Jordan gets 2 points.  The object is to get to 10 points before Jordan.  If the shooter gets 10 before Jordan, they keep going until Jordan gets 10. Record your score!
1.  Shooter gets 1 point per made shot.
2.  Jordan gets 2 points per missed shot.
3.  Shooter keeps shooting until Jordan gets 10.
4.  Can you be the greatest player in NBA history

10 to 6 - Two Cone  
Played by a single shooter who attempts to get to 10 before the imaginary opponent gets to 6.  Starts beyond half court along a sideline, dribbling with the outside hand & crossing over to the middle outside the three point line (1st cone).  Dribbler follows with a windshield wiper move and/or hesitation dribble (at the 2nd cone) & pulls up for a jump shot at foul line.  Shooter should alternate sidelines.
Shooter gets 2 points for a swish
Shooter gets 1 point for a make that hits the rim
Shooter’s score is reduced by minus 2 for a miss
The player tries to get to 10 (win) before he/she gets to negative 6 (opponent wins)

Baseball Shooting  
Played like baseball, a shooter needs a rebounder/passer who will keep track of the runs or makes of a shooter.  Shooter must be constantly moving around outside the key going hard to the right & left simulating game conditions. Shooter’s score can be kept for as many innings as they want. 3 outs & the inning is over
1.  A made shot equals 1 run or point.
2.  A missed shot equals an out and zero points.
3.  A shooter gets 3 outs in an inning.
4. After the visitor starts the game the home team shoots
in the first inning.

Streak Shooting  
Played from the free throw line but could be played from any spot on the court.  Shooter starts from the free throw line and starts a streak on a made free throw.  Once a shooter makes a shot, they will attempt to see how many shots can be made in a row.
1.  Start a streak on a made free throw.
2.  1 point for each make in a row.
3.  How many can you make in a row?


Mikan Drill
Designed to help players develop rhythm, timing for rebounding, and scoring in the paint. It is also used to better layup skills and increase stamina, for longer games.

Practice as follows:
From under the basket, make a layup with the right hand, rebound the ball under the net with the left hand and make a layup with the left hand. Rebound with the right hand and layup with the right hand.

Continue to repeat this, alternating hands. Eventually the player should learn how to quickly grab the ball & take a shot while taking the permitted two steps.  


Make 50

Spot Shooting
(younger players can cut the workout in half as necessary, 50 shots and 25 free throws)

A.  Positions 1 - 5 are basic jump shooting spots.   Spot 6 is the free throw spot.
B.  20 shots taken from each spot having a partner pass you the ball or by using a spinout & pivot.
C.  Record a daily score out of 100 shots.
D.  A set of 50 free throws should be shot and recorded daily in addition to the 100 shots.

Interior Shooting Chart for Mpls Lakers Off-Season Training Guide

Interior Shooting Positions


1. Run in place, crossing the ball back and forth between legs. (1 minute)

2. Stand upright, legs spread, bounce ball back and forth between legs.
(1 minute)

3. Full court imagination one-on-one against your favorite pro
(Maya Moore, Lebron, etc).  (5 minutes)

4. Play an imaginary game that concentrates on full court dribbling skills including:
A.    Crossover Dribble
B.    Around-the-Back Dribble
C.    Between-the-Legs Dribble
D.    Step Back, Pull Back Dribble
E.    Reverse Pivot Dribble

Things to Remember

1.    Keep your head up (don’t look at the ball when dribbling)

2.    Use stops, starts, change of direction and change of speed

3.    Get in a stance with legs flexed, body balanced, and protect the ball

4.    Develop hand and foot speed. Get a little quicker every day

5.    Compete against the clock and sustain intensity through the workout

6.    Set short and long term goals, record scores, and chart your progress



Starting underneath the basket with your back to the court.

Shuffle backwards with hands in a defensive ready position to point A.
Sprint backwards from A to B focusing on minimizing the time to change direction.
Side step facing the court from B to Start position (again keep hands in defensive position).
Jump to touch the net or backboard.
Repeat the back shuffle from Start to C.
Sprint forwards from C to D.
Side step with back to court to Start position.
Jump to touch the net or backboard.
Repeat for 6-8 repetitions with at 60-90 seconds rest between.

Super Shuttle Diagram for Mpls Lakers Off-Season Player Guide

Super Shuttles

If you have a neighbor that has their own basketball hoop, consider asking them if they would let you use it. Just download our form, fill it out and place it in their mailbox.



Chance Veasey

Chance Veasey

Boys Coaching Director